Regarding to the increasingly growth in economic relations between countries and enhancement of the volume of the trade and rising standards and law of import, export and production of goods, the requirements of the merchants and manufacturers to technical inspection services, engineering and product than ever before felt. In addition to items such as banks, customs, transportation, insurance, raw materials, human resource, etc., one of the important issues in import and export of goods are standardization, conformity assessment, quality improvement and obtaining permission from the national standards body of Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration and the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Since the aims of the inspection companies are to preserve the of national interests by monitoring and inspection of imported, exported goods and domestic production in order to provide high quality products, Pars Quality Innovators was established in Sept, 2005 and began its activities as the technical inspection and engineering company.
Pars Quality Innovators (P.Q.I) with the aims to facilitate services for merchants and craftsmen along with the relevant control standards and quality issues of their services act as one of the private sector companies with a decade of experience in the inspection standards.
Pars Quality Innovators has ISO9001:2015 and ISO1002:2014 and ISO10668: 2010 certificates from USR Co and ISO 17020:2012 from National Accreditation Center of Iran. in the quality management system and Accreditation Certificate from National Institutes of Standards and the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In addition this company includes on the list of approved companies of oil products.
The company has more than 50 technical personnel specialists and executives in the country and 18 representative offices at home and abroad and perform a variety of inspection services and engineering in the field of consumer goods and industrial, mineral and imported and exported goods and includes the following tasks: machinery, equipment, parts and agricultural equipment, drilling, steel, printing, rail, road and irrigation equipment, oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants, piping, tanks, minerals and construction materials, lifts, elevators and escalators, car, power drive, components and spare parts, home appliances, electrical and electronics, clothing, textile, leather, mechanics and antimony.
Moreover, the company has a wide range of activities in the technical inspection and confirmed the type of domestically made cars and imported cars and physical inspection at the customs office of Iran’s national standards for licensing.
With regard to compulsory technical inspection of the lifts that approved by Iran’s national standards body, confirmed the inspection of electrical and hydraulic lefts (or elevators) are one of the old and effective ways of this Company.
In this regard, the strategic and long-term objectives of the Company defined and has been on the agenda:

Provide and protect the rights and interests of consumers and manufacturers on the basis of standard law enforcement.
Improve the quality of domestic products in conformity with the criteria of mandatory standards in order to compete with foreign products
Monitor on implementation of standards that are the responsibility of the country and prevent the entry of goods without customs standards
Improve the technical knowledge and internal expertise recruitment and training effective forces toward implementation of standard goals
Maintaining the standards of national capital and avoid waste of resources in compliance with terms of standards