Cargo Inspection

The Pars Quality Innovators (P.Q.I) is ready to provide inspection services on imported and exported goods in Iran and around the world with regard to the increasingly growth of trade goods and utilizes specialized and skilled specialists, also this Company has inspection certificate from Iranian Standard Organization and the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. These services include:

Pre-shipment inspection: Inspection before shipments plays an important role in assessing the quality and quantity of the goods. Once the purchased goods are ready for the shipment at the buyer’s request to perform quantitative and qualitative inspection, review documentation, packaging, marking, supervision of loading and … make assured the merchants of the quality of purchased goods and finally issued the COI, VOC, PSI Certificates after arriving in the customs. The company is ready to provide services in all countries and utilizes Iranian representatives in foreign offices.
Inspection during Production: In order to improve the quality and ensuring the product quality and observing the safety procedures in accordance with international standards, inspection during production, assembly and operations are carried out in accordance with the requirements of employers and are considered the possible defects and inefficiencies and will ensure the quality in all stages of assembly, during production and producing processes.
Inspection in Destination: Goods that were shipped without inspection shall inspected at border customs and according to the certificate type of the buyer the Standards Bureau and the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued certificates for inspection services. The Company provides services in accordance with procedures and guidelines of national standards and provide a variety of services such as authorized inspection, sampling, and sending the samples to the laboratories, reviewing the technical documentation and testing reports and providing services and issuing certificates, VOC, COI in all customs of the country.
Inspection of Imported shipments according to the instructions of the Central Bank: Inspection of imported shipments at origin and destination according to the instructions of the Central Bank to prevent problems as: lack of delivery, incomplete delivery, downscale delivery, early or late delivery, product damage during transport, problems related to foreign exchange etc. PQI provide inspection services and issued certificates of PSI and IC by the central bank.