Inspection of Vehicle and Power Drive and Rail Transport

According to approved guidelines and procedures in inspection of the type of imported vehicles and approved the domestically made car, a notification shall impart from the National Organization of Standard as the custodian of the standard car, various inspections defined in the regulations is performed with the following titles:

Inspecting of the type approval and conformity of production and COP and domestically made cars and issuing the certification of T.A. for cars, heavy cars, petrol, diesel and special cars with different functions due to the status of compliance with the standards required by the national standards Iran approved vehicle type.
Inspecting of imported vehicles in the customs and issuing certification
Inspecting of COP domestic cars.
Periodic inspection of manufacturer products in production lines and quality control processes
Inspecting the fuel consumption criteria and tags gasoline and diesel fuel consumption
Inspecting and reporting user installation in accordance with national standards 11889
Reviewing records and inspecting approved imported vehicle that meets the criteria of national standards
Cooperating with testing vehicles at home and abroad and issuing E European brands certification
Cooperating with Taha plan for sampling and inspection Vehicle
Considering the received complaints from quality components and production cars