The Benefits of Pars Quality Innovators Inspection Services

Pars Quality Innovators with specific competitive benefits provide inspection services to all merchants, industrialists and banking system and include:

High quality inspection by qualified and educated personnel in engineering technical majors and quality systems; this will ensure merchants and craftsmen relief from customs control process. On the other hand, the skill and accuracy of the personnel and zero error system (ZERO DEFECT) of Pars Quality Innovators makes fixed the slightest quality defects and optimize the conformity assessment of the product. In case of any problems with standardization of issued certificates, the company team shall do the re-inspection, sampling and testing and review of technical documentation and standard with cargo owners and provide services.
High-speed inspection includes:  Physical inspection procedure by taking into account the priorities in the shortest time, and according to the number of offices and a network of inspection teams at home and abroad  With regard to the integrated information system, inspection certificates, in compliance with the regulatory standards of goods, is issued in a short time.  Monitor the process of production of goods in the origin and the original manufacturer and merchants to check the quality of purchased goods  With regard to specific projects, customer club, the inspection services are financially quite affordable
Online companion of experts in all stages, 24-hour inspection of a file, this service is enabled without contract and payout, customers with the full knowledge can use the inspections process of Pars Quality Innovators with special facilities.
Customer Service using the provided services by the concurrence parties of the Pars Quality Innovators in the field of specialized quality inspection, laboratory, transportation, insurance and customer club, moreover, providing services in the fields of education and technical.
Associates Inc. TUV-SUD in German, Czech and China, utilizes a series of technical knowledge and the performance of these companies to provide the European Certification CE, E (e) Mark, Test Report, Approval Certificate, and Inspection Certificate for the final product and manufacturing processes and control and support.
Those tests which are not possible to carry out in the country, Pars Quality Innovators has the ability to test goods in TUV laboratories around the world and refer the approved results to the standard organization or employer.
Cooperation with specialized car and spare part laboratories such as Aytrak Company
Cooperation with electrical, electronic, mechanical and antimony laboratories
Cooperation with laboratories and national center test in China, Turkey and India
Licensed activities in industrial and free trade zones of Anzali, Salafchegan